House Policy

Responsible Serving of Alcohol

The venue will at all times comply with the Liquor Control Reform ACT 1998
Alcohol will not be served to any intoxicated persons
Intoxicated persons will be refused service at the bar.
It is the venue’s policy to serve patrons in a responsible, friendly and professional manner.
The venue and all the staff serving liquor will complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol course. The Licensee will maintain a register which will contain a copy of this policy and copies of certificates of completion of the Responsible Service of Alcohol.
Low alcohol beer and non-alcoholic beverages are available at all times, when full strength
Liquor is available. Free drinking water is available at all times across the bar.

Gaming Licensing/ Responsible Service of Gaming

The venue will at all times comply with the Gaming Regulation ACT 2003 and a certified “Gaming Venue Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct”
The venue will offer gaming to a person 18 years of age and over only
During the periods or period when a license is granted under the liquor control act 1998
The venue will enforce a dress code policy that is reasonable
The venue may exclude from the venue

  • A person whose behavior would be unacceptable in public place
  • A person whom has sought to be self-excluded.
  • A person engaged in ‘syndicate play’

The venue at all times will ensure the gaming area and individual gaming machines are subject to continual supervision either physically or by the venues CCTV system.


  • Liquor is not to be sold or supplied to persons under the age of eighteen
  • Where there is any doubt as to the age of the patron, service will be refused unless the person can produce one of the following three documents which is current valid identification and contains a photograph of the person and proves that he/she is over the age of 18.
  • Minors will only be permitted inside the venue during food service hours, and then only when accompanied by their legal guardian or responsible adult for the purpose of eating.
  • Gambling by minors is prohibited. Signs are located at every gaming room entrance banning minors from entering the room. All staff share the responsibility for asking for proof of age if they are uncertain whether a customer is at least 18. If relevant verification cannot be produced, the customer must be asked to leave the gaming room.
  • All minors are to be supervised by legal parent, guardian or responsible adult whilst visiting the venue to partake in a meal.
    • This includes
      • Dining areas
      • Play equipment/ children areas

Managing Amplified Noise

The Venue will comply with the standard noise/amenity conditions endorsed on its Liquor License Having the
regard to the possible impact on residents so as to ensure there is no disturbance or nuisance caused to residents
or patrons:

Residents and Amenity of the Neighborhood

The venue will at all times have regard to the residential neighbors in the surrounding area and use best practice to ensure that no disturbance is caused to those residents by the operation of the venue.

Dress Code

All patrons are expected to be dressed in appropriate manner suitable and reasonable for a public place Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the venue for inappropriate dress. Such items may include thongs, singlet dirty clothing etc.